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Meet the Artist

Warmest greetings! I am Robert S Dilling, a self-taught artist residing in Fort Worth, Texas. I am a husband, father, and love my trusty dog Bandit. I am a licensed Architect and a former United States Air Force Officer with a passion for creating.

It seems that I have always had my mind and hands in artwork and the creative process. I capture much of my ideas and subject matter from travels, life experiences, and an active imagination. I am truly in love with the creative process, and derive a deep and intimate connection and understanding of my subjects. There really is beauty to be found in everything.


I have a broad spectrum of works that include still life, landscape, and figurative paintings in oil, as well as drawings and portraits in graphite.  Please find me on Facebook as "DillingArt - The Fine Art of Robert S Dilling" and Instagram as "dilling_art" to see works in process and other art endeavors.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy what you find. I would be truly honored to have his creations displayed on your wall.

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